The Race.

For this edition of BXL TOUR, on Sunday, June 17, cyclists of all levels will race along an entirely new route. After having enjoyed a healthy and energizing breakfast in the Park of Brussels, offered to those who will arrive first by our sponsor Jordan’s, 5000 participants (Master and Cyclo) will depart at the Place des Palais, in front of the majestic Royal Palace.


The first start will take place at 10 am at the Place des Palais.
Staggered start waves will follow, with faster racers starting first.

Itinerary :

Place des Palais (start) – rue Lambermont – rue Belliard – tunnel Belliard direction Tervuren – avenue de Tervuren – tunnel Tervuren – avenue de Tervuren – boulevard du Souverain – avenue Delleur – chaussée de la Hulpe – Bois de la Cambre – boulevard Général Jacques/Louis Schmidt/St Michel – tunnel Montgomery – boulevard Brand Whitlock/Reyers/Général Wahis/Lambermont – avenue de Vilvorde – chaussée de Buda – chaussée de Vilvorde – avenue Van Praet – avenue du Parc Royal – avenue de Madrid – avenue du Gros Tilleul (finish)



* The “MASTER” category is reserved for 200 experienced racers (minimum 18 years old) who hold an official license from a cycling, duathlon or triathlon federation.

* The “CYCLO” category is open to 4800 cyclists (age 12 and up).
Faster cyclists will be in an earlier start wave than slower cyclists.
More details will follow over the next few weeks.
Parental authorization is required for minors.