Brussel’s 50 km bike race.

Practical information.

Minimum age for participation : 12 years of age for the Rando-Cyclo category and 19 for the Master group;
Departure of the race : Bois de la Cambre – Carrefour des Attelages
Time :
MASTER at 11:00.
– 11:10 : 16-20 km/h
– 11:20 : 24 km/h
– 11:30 : 28 km/h
– 11:40 : 32 km/h
– 11:50 : 36-40 km/h
Your departure time will be communicated to you when you receive your bib and plate.

Cyclists are expected in the Bois de la Cambre’s Carrefour des Attelages from 9:00. Any last minute adjustment can be done directly on site in the technical tent. The first MASTER racers will start the race at 11:00. After that, departures will be staggered.


The entire route will be secured and closed to traffic between 10:30 and 15:00.
Alternatives will be provided for cars.
Cyclists incapable of maintaining a speed of 16km per hour should not take part in the race.
Indeed, below that speed, the organisers will not be able to ensure the safety of cyclists as anticipated by the supervising staff.
After the last departure (around 12:00), the roads will progressively be re-opened as the race progresses.
To ensure the safety of cyclists and fluidity of the competition, two categories have been created.
Cyclists will choose their preferred category upon registration.
Rules of the race are available HERE.

Technical info.

Safety helmets must be worn at all times during the race.
On 25 June, cyclists must have their plate number on show in front of their bike’s handlebar and must pin their number bib to the back of their top. These two indispensable pieces of equipment may be purchased from any one of the three Decathlon shops (Evere, Anderlecht and Wavre) and will be available from Saturday 27 May to Friday 23 June. Proof of pre-payment will be required at the customer service area.
BXL Tour is a road race only.
Technical stands will be available at the departure in the Bois de la Cambre and at the refreshment station at km 22 (near the Atomium).
Technical cars will accompany racers.
All types of bikes will be authorised, apart from those not capable of ensuring the safety of the participant throughout the race.
All participants will have to guarantee that their bike is in good working condition.
Electric bikes, tandems, tricycles, unicycles, child seats, trailers,… are not allowed !
Adequate sport wear must be worn.

Brussel's 50km bike race
Brussel's 50km bike race 02
Brussel's 50km bike race 03