Health measures


– Toilets and technical stands available on Place des Palais.
– Hygiene measures to be followed:

  • Hand sanitizer provided (in the toilets, lockers, ticket office, etc.)
  • Masks must be worn at all times except during the race itself. Cyclists should remove their masks just before the start, keep them with them during the race and put them back on as soon as they dismount. IMPORTANT: valve masks are banned.

– Social distancing, Cyclo category:

  • Crowd-control barriers placed in the start area to create start lanes and lines of entrants;
  • At the head of each lane: reminder of the hygiene measures; hand sanitizer provided; stewards in attendance;
  • Each cyclist will line up with two metres between them and the entrants on their left and right;
  • Cyclists in the category that is leaving will wait one behind the other for the signal;
  • A new Cyclo category will leave every fifteen minutes, but in start waves to ease congestion.
  • Entrants are expected in the start area 15 minutes before their start time.

– BXL TOUR 2020 start times

  • 9:00: MASTER
  • 9:15: CYCLO 35–40 km/h
  • 9:30: CYCLO 30–35 km/h
  • 9:45: CYCLO 25–30 km/h
  • 10:00: CYCLO -25 km/h


– Lockers, toilets and technical stand available near the finish area (Atomium). Hand sanitizer will be provided.
– To prevent gatherings and bottlenecks, as soon as they have passed through the finish arch cyclists will continue for another hundred metres or so to avoid blocking the entrants behind them.
– Once they have come to a stop, cyclists must put their masks back on.
– As soon as they have been given the Well Done Pack just after arriving, cyclists will be asked to leave the area.
– Small presentation ceremony near the Atomium at around 10:30. Only the winners of the various categories (contacted by text message) and two of their supporters will be admitted.

To ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Protocol, there will be no start and finish villages this year.