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THANK YOU! You were incredible! Thanks to the 6003 cyclists, the 8th edition of the BXL TOUR was a huge success on Sunday 16 June.
Once again, this proves the attraction of this sporting event, which offers ever greater integration, inclusiveness, and diversity.
For many Brussels residents and other cyclists, the bike race through the streets of Brussels has become a must!

Make a note of the date of the next edition: SUNDAY 15 JUNE 2025.
Mark your calendars!


Cycling unites!

In addition to being an important lever for good physical and mental health, sport unifies, levels out disparities and brings people together.

It is therefore essential that it serve integration and citizen participation.

This initiative also shows the positive evolution of women’s sport in Brussels.


Distance: 40km
Average min. speed: 20km/h
Min. age: 12 years old (or turn 12 in the year of the event)
Award ceremony: based on timing
The organisers advise participants to have a medical examination before the race. The Cyclo category is subdivided into 4 subcategories. Register according to your average speed:

  • 09.10am : start CYCLO +35km/h
  • 09.20am : start CYCLO 30-35 km/h
  • 09.30am : start CYCLO 25-30 km/h
  • 09.40am : start CYCLO 20-25 km/h

The organisers advise participants to have a medical examination before the race.
Read the rules of the category.

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Distance: 32km
Average min. speed: 16km/h
Min. age: 12 years old (or turn 12 in the year of the event)
Award ceremony: no award ceremony

E-bikes are allowed.

Child seats (without children) are accepted for this category.

Read the rules of the category.

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At the Atomium.

  • Presentation of the trophies for the Master category
  • Presentation of the trophies for the Cyclo, Baloise Sprint, Lucien Group Challenge, Paracycle, and BCF.
  • The end of the race is expected around 1:00 pm.

A festive village full of activities will welcome you.

Thanks to Vivaqua, free drinking water will be available to fill your water bottle!


Place des Palais, access via the Brussels Park.

The departures are scheduled between 9am and 9.50am.

  • 9am : start MASTER
  • 9.10am : start CYCLO +35km/h
  • 9.20am : start CYCLO 30-35 km/h
  • 9.30am : start CYCLO 25-30 km/h
  • 9.40am : start CYCLO 20-25 km/h and PARACYCLING
  • 9.50am : start RIDE

In order to facilitate departures, it is important that you do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your start time.  

Thanks to Vivaqua, free drinking water will be available to fill your water bottle!


Each participant must take notice of and comply with the regulations.

Helmets must be worn. Participation will be refused if the participant isn’t wearing a helmet

Plate number with timing chip attached to the front of the bike.

The course is entirely marked and supervised by the organization with the help of the police, flagmen (fixed and mobile), race vehicles (green flag, red flag, broom truck, …). support vehicles, a race director, supervising staff and marshals…

Toilets, water fountains and technical stands (minor repairs) will be available at the start and finish.

A free mobile locker service will be available. You will be able to drop off your belongings in the departure area and pick them up in the arrival area (starting around 10:30 am)


  • Glass containers
  • Bikes with fixed sprocket
  • Electric bicycles (except for the RIDE and PARACYCLE category)
  • Tricycles and recumbent bikes (only for PARACYCLE)
  • Unicycles
  • Child seats
  • Trailers
  • Cargo bikes
  • Time trial bikes
  • Extenders and using the forearms as support point on the handlebars.


Distance: 40km
Average min. speed: 20km/h
Ranking: based on UCI coefficient
Start from Place des Palais at around 9.40am. To help us stage a mass start, please select the Handisport category only at the start of your registration.

This option requires you to have a UCI licence. Please email for more info.

Hand bikes, tricycles, reclining bikes and tandems are only allowed in this category for licensed persons with reduced mobility. Hand bikes must be equipped with a flag or pennant indicating their presence, attached to the end of a strong, flexible rod at least 1.5m above the ground. E-bikes are allowed but the bike’s assistance cannot exceed 25km/h.

Read all the regulations.

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Price :

  • Normal: 18€
  • Licence & PMR : 15€
  • Group : 15€ per person


Want to participate with your friends or family? Register as a group and attempt to win the Lucien Group Challenge!

TThis group challenge (min. 5 persons per group) considers the time of the 5 fastest of each team. Team spirit will be very important! Attention, only the times of the Masters and Cyclos are counted.

By giving it your very best shot, you end up with 3 times that represent your effort: the individual, sprint and group time. Careful, this is only for Masters and Cyclos.

Moreover, groups (min. 5 persons) benefit from a reduced price. Group registrations finish on June 2nd at midnight.


All participants need a number plate to be fixed clearly to the front of the bike handlebars without bending it.

Masters must collect this essential item on the race day in the Parc de Bruxelles (at the start).

Groups, group leaders, can only collect their numbered plates between 10/06/24 and 14/06/24 at Brussels Major Events : Hôtel de Ville, Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels, from Monday till Friday from 9am till 5pm.

Participants who ordered a jersey when purchasing their ticket must go to the Brussels Info Place to collect their numbered plate and jersey between 16/05/24 and 15/06/24 with their e-ticket received via email a couple of weeks before the race: rue Royale 2 – 4, 1000 Brussels, Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Individual Cyclos and Rides, must collect their plates between 16/05/24 and 15/06/24 at the Lucien Pick-Up Points, on presentation of the e-ticket received by email a few weeks before the race.

The different Lucien Pick-Up Points are:


Master (m&w) based on the photo finish

Cyclo (m&w) based on timings

Paracycle (Handbike/tricycle & tandem/traditional) : based on time and UCI coefficient.

Baloise Sprint: A 1.5km sprint is installed in front of the castle of Laeken. The timings of the Masters and Cyclos are regrouped in one list.

Group classification: From 5 persons onwards you can register as a group for the BXL TOUR. The 5 best timings of your group will be accumulated and will define your group time. One list is made with all the groups.

Brussels women cyclists

For the fifth year in a row and with the aim of supporting women’s sports, this project brings together women from Brussels to learn how to cycle. The aim is to get them involved in the preparation of the BXL TOUR and to participate and finish the race.

This enriching and fun experience also allows them to familiarise themselves with this growing means of active mobility.

Various Brussels associations active in the field of cycling provide the training programme, which gives the participants the theoretical and practical means to cross the finishing line!


  • Learning how to use and maintain a bike
  • Supervised sports trainings to learn to ride a bike in the city.
  • Cycle 20 km of the BXL TOUR course


You like cycling and you like Brussels? Did you participate in the BXL TOUR before or are you participating for the first time this year? Then our BXL TOUR merchandising is definitely something that might interest you!

Read carefully where and when the different items are available.

Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram if you have your jersey or cap on or are enjoying a BXL TOUR.


BXL TOUR jersey

While the black jersey is still exclusive to winners, the white version is available as a collector’s item for everyone. Don’t hesitate any longer and make yourself recognizable on the road as a BXL TOUR fan!

Price: €35

Brand: Vermarc

View jersey.


From 18 March via the webshop while registrating
Pick-up needs to be done at the Brussels Information Point. from 18 May on presentation of a confirmation email sent a few weeks in advance.

  • Also, on sale on 18 June at the merchandising stand at the arrival of the BXL TOUR, while stocks last.

See the different sizes here.


Helmet off and BXL TOUR cap on, that’s how you can enjoy the BXL TOUR! Or after another fun bike ride in preparation of the best Brussels race of the year! Our Unisex and unisize cap looks great on everyone’s head!


Free for the first participants who pick up their numbered plate in one of the pickup points.

– Available at the merch booth at the arrival for 5 euros. (Until stock runs out)

– Not available online

The BXL TOUR - a sporty beer

The best way to reminisce together at the finish, under the Atomium, is with a drink in hand! First ride the BXL TOUR, then drink a BXL TOUR together!

Since many participants like to drink a beer to celebrate their performance, we made a beer with the brewery Drink-Drink!

Available :

  • Starting 10 April, you can find the BXL TOUR on My Beer Box.
  • At the following places: outlets.
  • On 18 June at the finish of BXL TOUR!

The beer :
The BXL TOUR designed just for you is a light IPA de 4,2%. Ingredients :

  • Barley malt, yeast, water
  • Hops
  • Simcoe*, Calypso*

*From organic farming
IBU : 23 EBC : 8

The brewery :

Drink-Drink! is a project of 3 people from Brussels who met in school. They now decided to merge two of their passions: beer and cycling. Discover more info about the brewery here.

Sizes guidelines
BXL TOUR jersey

The BXL TOUR - A sporty pint

This year, the BXL TOUR has its own beer, brewed with love especially for you, in collaboration with the Brussels brewery Drink Drink!

This IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a light beer (4.2%) of high fermentation, organically grown and composed of malt, barley, hops, yeast, and G water.

Drink-Drink is a project of three Brussels residents who met at school and decided to merge two of their common passions: beer and cycling.

You will soon be able to discover the beautiful label of the BXL TOUR on our social media.

The BXL TOUR will be the ideal way to cool off after the race!

Starting 10 April, you can find the BXL TOUR on “My beer box” and at the following places: Malt Attack, La Perruche, Amère à boire, Pédalo, Belgopop, Épicerie Horta, Bloum, Chez Marie, Smala, Comptoir Belge, Made in Anderlecht, Wandercoop, Walvis, Le Gist, Fernand Obb and Dekkera.


This year the BXL TOUR collaborates with the BALOISE BELGIUM TOUR!

For the first time the five-day UCI ProSeries cycling race through Belgium will end with a stage in and around Brussels. The finish will be under the Atomium, same as the BXL TOUR.

The collaboration between these 2 great events will be the occasion for amateurs, semi-professionals, and the greatest champions of the world to meet at the finish village for the award ceremony.

18 June will be dedicated to bicycle lovers, a festive day in our capital, for the participants as well as spectators!


To make the race even more attractive, starting this year there is the INTERSPORT GROUP CHALLENGE! Register as a team and compete together for the team prize! The ranking is calculated based on the time of the 5 fastest riders of your team.

To make the race even more exciting, there’sl also the “BALOISE SPRINT”, a 1500m sprint segment on the Avenue du Parc Royal, between the Parvis Notre Dame and the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken.

In addition to these two prizes, all cyclists in the Master or Cyclo category will be automatically timed individually for the general classification. You will thus have the opportunity to qualify 3 times. As a team or solo, it’s up to you to take on your own challenge!


For the third consecutive year, the trophies of the BXL TOUR are made from the wood of the splendid Christmas tree of the Grand Place.

In a permanent concern for sustainability, this wood is reused to produce and give life to different objects such as boards of swings, furniture for the City’s events or the Bxl Tour trophies!

The base of the trophy is an A4 board made of fir wood on which a visual created by the Brussels collective Louves (www.louves.be) is laser printed in color.

Each trophy includes the category for which the participant wins the prize and is signed by the godfather of the race, our dear Eddy Merckx!


For World Bicycle Day on Saturday 3rd of June, the BXL TOUR and Westland Shopping are putting out a challenge to cyclists from all over Brussels!

Are you ready for the BXL TOUR? Come and prove it and try to win a free ticket for the race and lots of other prizes. Show us that you’re the best in your category or simply come and test your legs on Intersport’s home-trainers!

For the home-trainer competition, three categories will be able to take part: young people aged 12-18 / men / women. 200 BXL TOUR caps will be given to the first participants and five winners per category will receive a surprise gift pack (BXL TOUR ticket, Westland Shopping gift card, etc.).   
For the curious ones out there, there will also be a BMX demonstration, a bike repair stand, a BMX and bike initiation course, DJ entertainment and a BXL TOUR info point.

Challenge accepted?

From 1pm to 5pm  
At Westland Shopping, Bd Sylvain Dupuis 433, 1070 Anderlecht  
Free access! 


A secure bike park will be available free of charge from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (code system to be received by SMS to access the car park), so that you can enjoy the finish village entertainment (concert, circus arts, etc.) throughout the afternoon.

Follow the steps below to access it:

  1. A photo (of the bike and your shoes) is taken by one of the bike park attendants at the entrance to the bike park.
  2. You give the attendant your mobile phone number
  3. Your mobile phone number is linked to your photo.
  4. You place your bike in the bike park.
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS from the bike park with a code and the closing time of the bike park.
  6. Collect your bike before the bike park closes.
  7. Tell the attendant your code.
  8. The attendant checks the code and asks a question about your bike (colour/brand, etc.).
  9. If you answer correctly, you get your bike back.

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Distance: 40km
Average min. speed: 40km/h
Min. age: 19 years old (or turn 19 in the year of the event)
Award ceremony: based on photo finish
Membership of a recognised cycling federation is mandatory.
Read the rules of the category.

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