On the Road to BXL TOUR.

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Brussels women cyclists

For the third year in a row and with the aim of supporting women’s sports, this project brought together twenty or so women from Brussels to learn how to cycle. The aim was to get them involved in the preparation of the BXL TOUR and to participate and finish the race. This enriching and fun experience also allowed them to familiarise themselves with this growing means of active mobility.

Various Brussels associations active in the field of cycling provided the training programme, which gave the participants the theoretical and practical means to cross the finishing line!

Congratulations, you did so well!


The phases of the programme

  • Receiving a bicycle and learning how to use and maintain it.
  • Supervised sports training to learn to ride a bike in the city.
  • Cycle 20 km of the BXL TOUR.

In addition to being an important lever for good physical and mental health, sport unifies, levels out disparities and brings people together. It is therefore essential that it serve integration and citizen participation. This initiative also shows the positive evolution of women’s sport in Brussels.