On the Road to BXL TOUR.

After Movie 2021

After movie 2021

Youngsters from Brussels by bike

For the third consecutive year, in order to support women’s sport, the project brings some 30 young people together in Brussels to introduce them to cycling. The aim is having them prepare for the BXL TOUR, taking part and finishing the race. This empowering and enjoyable experience also ensures that they become more comfortable with cycling, a booming way of getting around and staying active.

Various Brussels-based organizations active in the cycling world will provide training to give the participants the theoretical and practical skills they need. 


The phases of the program:

  • Receiving a bike and learn how to use and maintain it.
  • Supervised sports training to learn to ride a bike in the city.
  • Participation in the 6th edition of the BXL TOUR and succeed together in finishing the 40km race.

As well as being vital for physical and mental health, sport unites, breaks down barriers and brings us together. And so it makes an essential contribution to social inclusion and citizen participation. The initiative also reflects a positive shift in local women’s sport.